Supercharge your crypto portfolio tracker

Track Bitcoin, ICOs and +2000 cryptocurrencies and alt coins.
Automatic exchange and wallet imports.
Web and Mobile versions. Price Alerts. For Free.

Crypto portfolio tracker interface. Manage your cryptocurrencies with ease

Automatically import from your favorite crypto exchanges and wallets

Absolute clarity on your crypto portfolio performance

Absolute clarity on your crypto portfolio

Bring clarity to the macro and micro performance of your overall portfolio and individual holdings. Fully understand realized vs. unrealized gains, rate-of-return, and risk profiles.

Bitcoin alerts & and notifications

Killer alerts & notifications

Stay on top of swings from any device. Set and manage alerts with ease, right from the price chart.

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Bitcoin charts and historical data

Supercharge your charts

True understanding means looking at the data from different angles. Visualize your open orders and active alerts. Easily recognize when a trade was filled and alerts triggered.

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Security and Privacy

Private data is encrypted with your password so no one else can access it. Communication protected by SSL.

Automatic imports

Seamlessly import your favorite exchanges and wallets. All your data, now in one unified HQ.

Custom sub-portfolios

Create flexible groupings of coins for recent ICOs, swing-trading vs. long holding, etc.

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